The Golden Ratio Camera App

The Golden Ratio Camera App

There are many examples of The Golden Ratio in nature, logos, the human body, architecture as well as many other natural and man made objects. Once you know about the Golden Ratio you will spot more and more examples everywhere. This user friendly app enables you check your finds, take a photo and save examples to your device.

This app will:

  • Take photos using one of the 4 Golden Ratio Overlays.
  • Saves two images: one with overlay and one without.
  • Flip the overlays vertically and horizontally.
  • Toggle the flash on and off.
  • Select either the front or rear cameras.

Get this app:

Get The Golden Ratio App from Google Play

How to use the app:

Simply select which ‘Golden Ratio’ overlay you would like, line the overlay up with your desired image. Once you are happy click the camera icon and two images will be saved with all your other photos on your device; One with the overlay on it and another of just the image with no overlay.

How to use the Golden Ratio Camera App

Any images taken on your Golden Ratio Camera app can be shared with others on this website.